About JapanesePhotos.Asia

Andrew lives in Japan, and has lived in Taiwan, Korea, Australia and the UK. So of course he specialises in travel photography. He has also travelled in Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Cambodia, and even a weekend in rainy Hong Kong. He has learnt ways to quickly pick up on local eccentricities and idiosyncrasies, and so he does his best to show these. It's always a fun challenge, exactly what photography should be.
A self portrait, JapanesePhotos.Asia
    A self portrait

Andrew's homepage, JapanesePhotos.Asia, has links to other portfolios in case you can't find just quite what you need. Background information for many of the events featured here can be found at his blog, JapanesePhotos.Asia. "Free" stock images can be obtained for other benefits, see his blog: Free Stock Images / Alternative Payment Options.