Purchasing Stock Images from JapanesePhotos.Asia

Of course it is nicer to purchase images through the automated system that PhotoShelter provides. However, this doesn't suit all clients, nor is it always possible. There are two points to consider, payment and delivery. Also discussed below is batch or package purchases.

I prefer PayPal, as it's safe and secure for the both of us. Direct bank transfers are possible, but not well suited for smaller and personal purchases. Western Union is also a possibility (though expensive). Please contact me if you have questions.

Lady wearing a kimono in Kyoto

Of course, if you purchase images via PhotoShelter the electronic file then becomes available for you to immediately download after the purchasing process is complete. Otherwise, other delivery options can become time consuming. FTP transfer via PhotoShelter is possible (after bank transfer), and FTP is prefered for batch delivery, especially after commissioned assignments. Also for some clients the following options might be prefered: 'sharing' via DropBox, UbuntuOne, and for smaller images e-mailing the individual image can be sufficient. Other forms of delivery may be available, and may attract administration fees.

Batches or Packages
This is of course possible, though requires negotiation. You get a batch of images at a discount, and I'm happy to see more of my work being used. In general terms, a minimum of 5 images must be purchased. Royalty Free images are lower quality content, and at a budget deal. For certain clients, higher quality images can be made available Royalty Free, but at a price that compensates for my loss of control of the image. Rights Managed packs are available, but I need to know:

  • which images (5 minimum),
  • size of each image,
  • geographical usage,
  • type of end usage (media, brochures, calendar, etc), and
  • distribution quantity / circulation (number of prints or viewing audience, etc).
  • (I may have additional questions)

Free Stock Photos / Images for trade

Images for trade is a great way for you to save money. The images are actually 'free', but only if we can exchange an item I need from my wishlist for an image or (free) gallery access. There are many great benefits for the both of us. Please see the most up-to-date details on Images-for-trade page at my blog.